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What to Expect

With our fam528981599ily-centered care, we involve you from the first visit and want you to know what to expect.

Our Hospital Liaison Nurse or Business Associate will call you to schedule the first visit. Please let us know if your child has medical appointments the day of any visit. The nurse, therapist or delivery technician will have admission forms for you to sign and will help you to participate in care planning for your child while receiving home care. They may bring supplies or medication to a visit, or a delivery to the Hospital may be made prior to a home visit.

We provide care seven days a week. Clinician visits are ordered by your child’s physician, and we ask for your cooperation to keep your scheduled visits. Your clinical team may arrive within a 30-minute window of time to allow for driving and urgent patient needs. The visiting staff will call you if they are going to arrive before or after the 30-minute window. Most evening visits are for urgent patient care or hospital discharges.

How Long is a Visit?
A visit will usually be between one and three hours, depending on the care or treatment your child needs. The first visit is longer to complete the HomeCare introduction and admission, to fully evaluate your child and to work with you to begin the start of care.

How to Prepare and Participate
We require a parent or guardian and the patient to always be present for the visits to provide the best care and coordination. If there are other caregivers whom you request to participate, please notify HomeCare staff and provide written consent for their participation. We need your permission to see your child in another location other than home. Medication review is a safety and education measure we must provide at each visit. Please have medications handy. If you have any questions about the medications, please ask at the visit or call your pharmacist.

We will ask about symptoms and pain, and provide a physical assessment based on your child’s treatment. During visits, your active participation will be needed to learn or support the medical care of your child. At each visit, you will learn when the next visit will occur or when you and your child will be discharged from HomeCare. Please tell us about upcoming medical appointments so we can coordinate your child’s care.