Patient & Family Rights and Responsibilities

Rady Children’s HomeCa491885768re patients/families have the right to:

  1. Receive appropriate home care services without discrimination against race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, age or handicap.
  2. Be treated with respect and courtesy by all employees of Rady Children’s HomeCare.
  3. Receive proper identification by name, title and qualifications of the home care provider.
  4. Have communication needs met through the use of special devices, translators or other communication aids when communication barriers exist.
  5. Be given written information on rights and responsibilities regarding the home care process.
  6. Receive information regarding the agency policies and procedures, ownership, control and the financial benefits from referrals to other home care providers.
  7. Receive information regarding billing procedures and charges for services, including third-party reimbursement benefits prior to commencing home care services.
  8. Be fully informed by the physician regarding the patient’s health status, course or treatment and expected recovery potential.
  9. Participate in the development and revisions of the plan of care.
  10. Make informed decisions regarding care.
  11. Give informed consent for treatment prior to receiving any services, including experimental treatment and/or participation in research.
  12. Refuse all or part of prescribed care to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the consequences of refusing treatment.
  13. Be assured that the patient/family will be taught about the illness in order to understand and fully participate in the care regimen.
  14. Receive timely, appropriate and safe care to meet patient needs, including appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  15. Be informed in a timely manner regarding changes in level of care, transfer to another agency, impending discharge, continuing care requirements or inability of Rady Children’s HomeCare to provide prescribed services.
  16. Receive privacy, security and confidentiality, and have property respected.
  17. Have complaints heard, reviewed and, if possible, resolved without fear of discrimination, reprisals or unreasonable interruption of services.
  18. Be advised of the availability of the toll-free home health agency hotline in the state and be given in writing the telephone number, the hours of its operation and the purpose of the hotline to receive complaints or questions about Rady Children’s HomeCare.
  19. Review patient’s medical records upon request.
  20. Formulate advance directives.
  21. Be protected from real or perceived abuse, neglect or exploitation from anyone, including staff, students, volunteers or family members.

Rady Children’s HomeCare patients/families have the responsibility to:

  1. Keep appointments or telephone Rady Children’s HomeCare when you cannot keep a scheduled appointment or home visit.
  2. Give frank information about your child’s health, past and present, and inform Rady Children’s HomeCare about any treatment he/she may be receiving and any medication he/she may be using.
  3. Inform Rady Children’s HomeCare, and ask questions, if you do not understand any instructions pertaining to your child’s healthcare.
  4. Cooperate with physicians and/or Rady Children’s HomeCare personnel and follow the treatment plan to the fullest extent possible.
  5. Accept the consequences for the outcomes if you choose not to follow the treatment plan.
  6. Provide information necessary to enable Rady Children’s HomeCare to obtain payment for services rendered on your behalf and promptly meet any financial obligation agreed to with Rady Children’s HomeCare.
  7. Provide a safe environment for the HomeCare staff visiting your home and be considerate of HomeCare staff and property.