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Partners in Care

Partners in Care must follow infection control policies and have no symptoms of illness (including respiratory illness); be screened prior to entry; perform hand hygiene upon arrival, in the patient room and when leaving the room; and wear an approved facial covering at all times. 

Two Partners in Care are allowed at the patient’s bedside and in the outpatient clinics. 

About Partners in Care

  • Partners in Care (PIC) are caregivers chosen by parents/legal guardians based upon their commitment and availability to provide physical and emotional support to the patient. There may be a total of four PICs designated, including the parents/legal guardians.
  • PICs usually have unrestricted access to the patient, 24 hours a day. On occasion, visitation may be limited or restricted temporarily to protect the patient’s privacy, health and/or safety.
  • PICs will be identified by a green armband which must be worn at all times and is not transferable.

A Partner in Care Has the Following Special Privileges:

  • Discounts on extended parking
  • Room service from Café (pay via credit card or EASE card from the child’s room; some restrictions may apply; please ask about rules in your unit related to food at the bedside, etc.)
  • Free coffee or tea (from carts on patient floors)
  • Access to Family Rooms, library, chapel, gardens, playroom, playgrounds

A Partner in Care Has Access to the Ronald McDonald House, Including, but Not Limited to:

  • Dining-room service: two meals prepared daily
  • Napping rooms
  • Kids’ playroom
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • Computer room
  • Fitness center
  • Laundry rooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • Non-denominational chapel
  • Salon (by appointment only)
  • Other activities, as scheduled