Research and Clinical Trials

The Division conducts basic, clinical and translational research to better understand the causes of kidney disease and to develop more effective therapies.

Current research activities of our team members are listed below:

Robert Mak, M.D., Ph.D.

The laboratory of Dr. Robert Mak is focused on the neuroendocrinology of cachexia and osteodystrophy of chronic kidney diseases, as well as biomarker discovery for non-invasive novel diagnostic tests for vesicoureteral reflux.

Nadine M. Benador, M.D.

Dr. Nadine M. Benador participated in the development of the protocol for the national Chronic Kidney Disease in Children Study and was the local investigator for two multicenter trials of IV iron in pediatric hemodialysis patients. She is the central principal investigator for ongoing clinical studies.

Elizabeth Ingulli, M.D.

The laboratory of Dr. Elizabeth Ingulli studies T cell motility in the context of acute renal transplant rejection.

For more information on our research, visit the UC San Diego Department of Pediatrics website.